Bill to ban student-teacher romance

Another stupid bill from a california republican no less. thought those guys were opposed to big government. this one will make it a felony for a teacher to get romantic with a student even if she is 18 or over.

but this begs the following questions:

what if the student is 40 and teacher is 20?

what if someone only teaches a person how to make a knot?

how long after the end of teaching must people wait before they can get together? 1 second? 1 day? 1 month? 40 years?

can a husband teach something to his wife?

so guess if the bill becomes law, any sexual action can be considered a felony since people always learn something from each other, making one a teacher and the other a student. so ass/2.

U.S. News - California bill would punish student-teacher romances.

Santorum to enforce US obscenity laws

The candidate best known for espousing family values argues on his website that pornography causes changes in the brain to both children and adults, and contributes to violence against women, prostitution and sex trafficking.

This is precisely what the Taliban and the Wahabis use as an excuse to force women to cover up. We'd better be prepared to attend church by coercion and we know what happens when you kneel in front of certain priests.

via First Read - Santorum says he would enforce US obscenity laws that Obama ignores.

Email scheduler, PDF export in Google Analytics

it's been nearly 5 months since the new google analytics had promised the email report scheduler "in the coming weeks". granting the fact that "coming weeks" covers everything between now and eternity, i'd say that promise was a stretch.

perhaps "coming decades" or "coming centuries" would have been more appropriate 🙂

Google Analytics Blog: Email scheduler, PDF export, and a transition to the new Google Analytics interface.