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Bill to ban student-teacher romance

Another stupid bill from a california republican no less. thought those guys were opposed to big government. this one will make it a felony for a teacher to get romantic with a student even if she is 18 or over.

but this begs the following questions:

what if the student is 40 and teacher is 20?

what if someone only teaches a person how to make a knot?

how long after the end of teaching must people wait before they can get together? 1 second? 1 day? 1 month? 40 years?

can a husband teach something to his wife?

so guess if the bill becomes law, any sexual action can be considered a felony since people always learn something from each other, making one a teacher and the other a student. so ass/2.

U.S. News - California bill would punish student-teacher romances.

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