Because Everything is Half Ass

Iran busts US spy ring?

how gullible is the western media? some ass/2 news comes out of iran and they immediately pounce on it. iran makes claims like that almost daily.

a bunch US spies here, a group of israeli agents there, and some sunni separatist and bahai arrests to keep iran relevant and constantly in the news.

here's what happened. the intelligence boss was sacked by ahmadinejad unceremoniously over some spat. the top brass in iran didn't like it and the supreme leader immediately reinstated the intel dude. now they need to show that returning the boss was a wise and prudent decision. hence this ass/2 story about busting up a 30-member spy ring. case closed.

Iran claims 30 arrests in alleged US spy ring - World news - Mideast/N. Africa - Iran -

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