Cheney's Personality Switch

for years i held the belief that dick cheney was a decent defense secretary but then went psycho when picked by bush to be his vp.

maybe he was seduced by power, or his halliburton holdings, or just got demented by his heart condition and aging.

interesting to read that an inside guy actually validates my belief.

"Something happened to Dick Cheney and it wasnt just 9/11," Wilkerson told the station.

via Ex-Powell aide: Cheney fears war crimes trial - US news - Security -

Bing/Yahoo Beat Google

enough stupid studies already. after the hoax calling IE users dumber than users of other browsers, we shouldn't give these studies any attention.

this new one claims that yahoo or bing produce more targeted results than google, indicated by more user clicks on bing than those using google.

yeah, whatever. not switching my search engine or browser or whatever preferences on account of some shady, ass/2 study.

Yahoo, Bing Beat Google in Search Success Rate

Credit rating and strange market pre-action

many people are asking about the after-effects of the s&p downgrade of the US credit. valid concern, but one wonders about the before-effects, in terms of what happened in the markets last week.

in particular, last thurs the stock market took a sharp dive with nary a noteworthy financial or political news. it was attributed to general panic reaction to uncertainty.

is it possible that this was a actually a specific panic attributed to a certainty that bad news was coming? the s&p downgrade was announced only the next day. it sure seems like some people knew.

United States loses prized AAA credit rating from S&P

risk of trust

so google quietly dumps a bunch of their api's back in june. they include api's for products such as google translate, transliterate, video search, image search, news search and a bunch of others. people who depended on these services for their products and sites are basically left out in the cold.

while these terminations mainly affect developers, google could easily do the same for any of their products, like gmail, or calendar, or sites. services that people have come to depend on, could be abruptly cut off with no much consequence to google itself.

this doesn't exactly inspire confidence and proves that free isn't really free. there are significant risks when you put too much trust in one company, even google.

Spring cleaning for some of our APIs