Hackers hit PBS over wikileaks

i consider myself pretty liberal, but assange and his wikileaks followers smell more like a religion to me than a force for good and freedom.

this is the same cult of personality as jim jones and jim bakker and l. ron hubbard, wrapped in ass/2 liberal propaganda. they might as well start a church and sing wikileaks hymns. and of course, ask the sheep for donations.

Hackers hit PBS, post 'Tupac still alive' story - Technology & science - Security - msnbc.com.

Microsoft's Ballmer Squeeze

microsoft sure hasn't been its jolly money-printing self since bill gates left for more charitable aspirations. in fact microsoft has become a laggard and its stock price hasn't budged for a decade.

now the noose around ballmer's neck is getting tighter as shareholders call for his stepping down as the ceo. hell, if martha stewart is back at her old haunt, why not have a bill gates comeback party at microsoft? it could happen.

Hedge fund star calls for Microsoft's Ballmer to go - Yahoo! News.

Judgment Day now in October

it's not like we couldn't guess this one. harold camping is claiming that the judgement day did in fact happen on may 21, but it was a spiritual and invisible sort.

the real, physical end will arrive to a universe near you on oct 21, 2011, according to this ass/2 prophet.

odds are the real judgment day will be on a date he actually hasn't picked.

Radio host now says Judgment Day coming in October - US news - Life - Faith - msnbc.com.