trump absurdity

so obama finally ponied up his birth certificate. now can trump stfu? there, i used the f word, i'm so cool i can be president now. well, i wasn't born in the usa. people like trump waste our time and intelligence with ass/2 conspiracy absurdities.

donald, if you can't tackle the real issues, at least come up with something more exciting. i don't know, maybe like obama is a vulcan spy born on romulus. at least that'll get the trekkies' attention.

ico images in IE

firefox supports it, so does chrome. but if you try this bit of html in IE 9 - <img src='image.ico' /> - you'll get an X mark where the image is supposed to appear. so microsoft designs the new browser from the ground up, but they skip something so elementary as supporting ico image files?

sort links in wordpress widget

if you use link widgets in your wordpress navigation bar, you may notice that, depending on the theme used, the links are sorted by name and there's no way to change that.

a quick and dirty way of rearranging the links order is to prefix &amp;#127; to the link names that you want to appear at the top. it's a ass/2 solution, bust faster than installing plugins or messing with free text widgets.

More Amazon's cloud Ass/2

so amazon's cloud crashes leaving sites stranded for days. then they have no backup other than a snapshot which is characterized as "useless" by amazon itself. and they'll charge customers for the storage of the useless snapshot?

sorry if you were affected. but i wouldn't even host this site on the amazon cloud, and this site is meant to be ass/2 🙂

Amazon's cloud crash destroyed many customers' data

PlayStation Network hacked, personal data taken

another big site getting cracked and its private data spilling out. and the so-called experts tell you not to put any personal info on facebook. what difference does that make anymore? wtf are these highly-paid security and network engineers doing at these companies?

but don't worry. if things really get out of hand sony just might give you a year of credit monitoring. what a bargain! In-Game - Hackers stole personal data from PlayStation Network.

Researchers find major flaws in online payment systems

as a developer myself i can understand why these payment systems are so ass/2. companies think that hiring more developers or making internal rules and regulations will lead to more robust software. wrong. they hire these people then put pressure on them to crank out products at light speed.  what do they expect?

Researchers find major flaws in online payment systems